Japanese Fowl

from R.A. Thomas


Black Jap cock


We have three Jap families represented on our farm...

The Gowdy Japs are the black Japs that were so successful for Mr. Gowdy for many years. They are tall, beautiful black to black-red fowl with some showing white in their tails. The cocks usually come black to black-yellow with molted legs and the hens are all solid black with dark legs. Talk about great fowl to cross over Sweaters, Hatch & Kelso's. These are great birds!

The Shamo Japs are tall, slim, rugged fowl that stand up straight and tall. These birds have been bred to many years by the great Hmong breeders. They walk erect as though they are royalty with their heads high and their tails down. These birds come pumpkin, re and sometimes white in color and are the very best Shamo breed that I know of anywhere. They range in weight from 5lbs -14ozs to 6lbs - 8ozs when mature.

Our Tuzo Japs are small, dark fowl that weigh around 4lbs mature. They range in color from black to some showing red in the neck feathers. The hens all come solid black. These little fowl seem to cross well with most any breed of American to Spanish fowl. The are the most versatile fowl I know of today and are tremendous little birds!

The Marocan Blue Japs are great little fowl that come in colors ranging from dark blue to dom in color. They are graceful and agile birds that would add to any breeding program. Rare and great breed!


Yakito Jap stag / Blue Jap stag / Tuzo Jap stag


Shamo Jap stag / Forsythe Black pullet / Gowdy Jap stag