Kulang Asil
from R.A. Thomas farm

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Condor Kulang Asil
The Condor Kulang Asil is a family of Asils that were bred in the '80s and '90s by the head of the A.A.B.A. (American Asil Boxing Association).
Their goal was to breed the purest, most physically perfect, pure Indian Asil on earth. Much time, effort, and great expense was put into this breeding effort. The outcome was the Condor Kulang Asil.
These great birds built a name far and wide among the oriental breeders around the globe. These are tall perfect built birds that cross well on American fowl. Pure, they are a sight to behold! They are a great asset to our farm and would make anyone proud to own them.

Kulang Stag / Kulang Pair / Condor Kulang Stag
Kulang Asil Stag / Condor Kulang Hen / Kulang Asil Stag
Condor Kulang Stag & Pullet / Inbred Kulang Stag